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Awakening Your Spirit Dream Cruise

Dr Susan is also offering

From Sept 17 – 24, 2017, Dr. Susan will be taking a group of adventurers on a Cruise up the coast of New England on the Crown Princess Cruise Ship. During the Cruise, Dr. Susan will be conducting a seminar and addressing the following topics:

The Cruise leaves from New York City and travels to Newport, RI, Boston, MA, Bar Harbor, ME,
​St. John’s, New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia and then back to NYC.

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  • Individual and Group Therapy​

Courage To Be Real

is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with 25 years of experience in working with people who are hurting emotionally and who have been hindered from being their best selves because of past or present pain.

She helps people who want to change by guiding them to a place of healing, and by helping them to understand the pathway to the joyful, creative and productive life they are designed to live.

Dr. Susan Austin is a licensed physician who also prescribes and monitors medication where necessary.  She encourages life-giving personal choices, including healthy eating, exercise and
​quiet time.

Dr. Susan's services include:

I count it a high privilege to have experienced my own “inward-bound-adventure” with Dr. Susan Austin. Dr. Susan was my trusted guide and navigator on my inward-bound journey. It was during these adventures where I was able to recover missing parts of my own child’s self. These places were painful to visit; however, through her persistent encouragement to “come down from my head” and “into my belly”. I was navigated with cords of love through the most painful places of abandonment and trauma then into the loving truth of my Savior about the REAL me. Oh how bound I was in pain; oh how good it feels to be acquiring new levels of freedom by experiencing Christ’s love for me in places that were so shattered… so shamed… so fearful. Here wait, one specific…As a 58 yr old woman, I had struggled with self-loathing and a sense of self-hatred most of my life. I now see myself how God sees me, precious. So very precious. Now, God’s joy feels real to me. I feel the real me. I am eternally grateful for God’s healing touch through this ministry. This is a journey worth making - make it a priority to take.  - R.B.

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Goods and Services

Dr Susan's first book

  • Dreaming Your Big Dreams
  • Playfulness: the Birthright of a Child of God
  • The Gift of Sensitivity
  • The Power of Emotional Awareness

Susan M. Austin, MD 

  • Your Creative Imagination
  • Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Awakening the Gifts Within You

    and more…

Inward Bound Adventures

3 separate Courses of online training in
​her Courage To Be Real Training Program.  
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Contact: Susan M Austin MD

Dr. Susan is available to come to your community for speaking
engagements (large groups) or seminars (smaller groups of 10 – 30).

She teaches on many aspects of emotional healing, and specializes in leading group experiences utilizing creative exercises and practical tools for growth and becoming all you were created to be!