Webinar: The Blessing of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People are created to bring Excellence into their sphere of influence, and to encourage others to do the same. However, when this amazing Gift of Sensitivity has not been adequately nurtured, a Sensitive Person can wind up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted much of the time.

Because the response to this webinar was so good on August 9, Dr. Susan hosted another 90-minute Webinar on this topic on Tuesday, August 15 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time.

We talked about how very special Sensitive People are: they are Creative, Deeply Caring, Insightful, Keenly Aware of Emotions, Intuitive and Good Listeners.  We discussed the great need of Sensitive People for healthy boundaries, adequate rest, patience and gentleness, personal space, and time to process the enormous amount of information they take in, concerning relationships and situations.

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                                                                               The Gift of Sensitivity Online Small Group

Approximately 20% of people have the Gift of Sensitivity.  Are you one of them?

The Gift of Sensitivity is an extraordinary gift, but a person’s Sensitivity is best cultivated in an atmosphere of SEA: support, encouragement and affirmation.
For many people, their Sensitivity has been marginalized and belittled.

This online Small Group will offer you a supportive and encouraging environment where you can learn more about the many facets of your Sensitivity, how to protect and nurture this precious gift, and the far-reaching purposes for which you were created Sensitive.

This is an online Small Group, beginning Wednesday, August 16, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time.  We will meet (except for the first week) every other week for 7 sessions, so the meeting dates will be 8/23/17, 8/30/16, 9/13/17, 9/27/17, 10/11/17, 10/25/17, and 11/8/17.  Each session will last 90 minutes. 

We will also have a Private Facebook Group where members can interact, ask questions and share stories on a daily basis.

My dream is that this Small Group will help to mobilize you who are Sensitive into your purpose and destiny.  We can help each other become shining stars!

The fee for this Small Group is $245. That's $35 a session for 7 ninety-minute 

online group sessions along with daily encouragement from the FB page.

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Blessings to become everything you were created to be!
Susan Austin MD