Webinar Series: You Are a Giant Killer

Dear Precious Child of God, you are highly favored and deeply loved. And you were created to be a Giant Killer - to overcome every difficult and overwhelming situation, mindset or habit. I welcome you to join me for a 3-Webinar Series entitled You Are a Giant Killer. 

The Webinars are as follows: 

Session 1: The Giant Killer Mindset: Saturday, July 28, 11:00 to 12:00 Eastern Time.
Session 2: Being an Overcomer: Saturday August 25, 11:00 to 12:00 Eastern Time
Session 3: The Promised Land: The Glorious Freedom of the Children of God,
                    Saturday, September 22, 11:00 to 12:00 Eastern Time.

I will be talking about the different kinds of Giants we face, whether it be a defensive attitude (condemnation, perfectionism, criticism), an addiction (overeating, workaholism), fear of illness or death, worry, or whatever trips us up into feeling small, overwhelmed or defeated.

We'll discuss the attitudes and practices that will help you to defeat your Giants and to be secure in your identity as an overcomer. And we'll look at the Promised Land: that place of fulfillment where "you will lack nothing." We are all on a journey to that place and it is very helpful to have an accurate roadmap!

The fee for each Webinar is $17, and for all 3, it's $42.

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Blessings to be your very best, overcoming self!


Susan Austin MD

The Courage Doctor


        Webinar Replay : The Blessing of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People are created to bring Excellence into their sphere of influence, and to encourage others to do the same. However, when this amazing Gift of Sensitivity has not been adequately nurtured, a Sensitive Person can wind up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted much of the time.

Because the response to this webinar was so good on August 9, Dr. Susan hosted another 90-minute Webinar on this topic on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time.

We talked about how very special Sensitive People are: they are Creative, Deeply Caring, Insightful, Keenly Aware of Emotions, Intuitive and Good Listeners.  We discussed the great need of Sensitive People for healthy boundaries, adequate rest, patience and gentleness, personal space, and time to process the enormous amount of information they take in, concerning relationships and situations.

The fee for the replay of this webinar

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Thank you!  Blessings, Dr. Susan     

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         Time to Arise! With Healing in Our Hearts!

You were created for great adventure, feats of courage, places of position and influence!  There is only one you, and the person that you are is extraordinary. You have a key part to play in the unfolding drama of His-story!

Prison doors are opening all over the land. Come and find keys to unlocking every door in your heart, and practical tools to let your real self come shining through.

This was a  Free Webinar done on Saturday May 5.  I talked about effective ways to position yourself for healing, growth and fulfillment of the great potential within you.

If you would like to watch the replay, please email me at susan@couragetobereal.com

Blessings for immense healing and growth as you travel your path to fulfillment,


Susan Austin MD
The Courage Doctor

        Webinar Replay: Moving into Freedom ~ The Adventure of Re-covery

We are all on an incredible adventure, moving from the place of knowing ourselves simply from our human point of view, to knowing ourselves as the magnificent, extraordinary children of God.

The whole of nature is holding it’s breath as this birthing process takes place.

You have an incredibly important part to play in the unfolding of this amazing drama. Your gifts and talents are absolutely essential.  And the journey that you have been on holds such keys to the place and purpose for which you were created.

We had a great webinar this past Saturday, June 23 where I brought forth many practical and effective strategies for stepping beyond the barriers to freedom. I was blessed to be able to coach one person through a challenging step in the emotional healing process.

Here are some of the comments I received about the webinar: "I love how you address our spirits to come forward. This is very helpful. Allowing oneself to feel the emotion and allow it to be a pathway to what God wants to show me. Amazing point to a person that has been not able to feel and has been in crisis mode, stuffing down the emotions. Correcting my image of God through healing of heart wounds. Powerful. I find your gentle spirit and smiling face to be healing in and of itself. I sense God's love through you … My spirit feels safe."

The purchase price for the replay of this webinar is $33. To receive the replay, please click the Buy Now button and follow the instructions.  I will then send you the replay.

If for any reason, you feel that you are unable to pay this price and want to receive the replay,  please email me at susan@couragetobereal.com, and we can negotiate an affordable price. 

Blessings to move into the glorious freedom of being a child of God!